Reform the education system in Israel

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פורסם בתאריך: 12/10/2020

The school system is broken. Well, it isn’t, it’s exactly doing what it’s designed to do. The problem is that what it is designed to do isn’t very good, and it’s less valuable than ever.

We argue that school is not an efficient source of education, it doesn’t provide the skills and creativity we need in our adult life and is useless in our current state.

New professions and new Teaching methods-Creativity,curiosity, financial education and time management are just some of the things we don't learn in school. We think these things must enter the education system. Financial education studies will help students in their future and prevent them from financial problems.

Even if things like creativity and curiosity cannot be taught, we believe that there are professions that can be taught while developing these abilities. Developing these capabilities will help students to integrate into the labor market in the future and will also make them enjoy more from their studies.

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