Israeli Citizens in Solidarity with Rachel Corrie and the Corrie Family

Israeli Citizens in Solidarity with Rachel Corrie and the Corrie Family

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Cindy, Craig and Sarah Corrie

Dear Members of the Corrie Family,


We - citizens of the State of Israel – would like to tell you how shocked and dismayed we are at the verdict rendered by the Haifa District Court, how ashamed we are that the judicial system of our country has answered  your plea for justice with such a rude slap in the face. We would like to offer you our full backing and support in any further steps you undertake, whether by a judicial appeal to the Supreme Court in Jerusalem or by a public appeal to  Israeli and international public opinion.


Judge Oded Gershon had stated in his verdict that Rachel Corrie had knowingly placed herself in a dangerous situation. That is true enough in itself. She and her friends certainly knew that confronting giant bulldozers, engaged in the systematic destruction of homes and dispossession of Palestinian families, was a dangerous act. Yet it is the most grotesque travesty to place the blame for Rachel Corrie's death on Rachel herself, rather than on the generals who defined as a "strategic objective" the destruction of thousands of houses in the city of Rafah and their replacement by a kilometres-wide "sterile zone". The generals of Israel's armed forces, who defined such a monstrous objective and set out to implement it with bulldozers, could and should have known that human beings would be crushed in the process. They bear the full responsibility for the gruesome results, whether or not Israel's legal system is ready to recognize this.


Rachel Corrie, your dear daughter and sister, has in death joined the ranks of a most illustrious order, people who have a better claim to historical fame than kings or warriors - the men and women who throughout history laid down their lives in order to oppose injustice, to offer what help they could to those who were wronged, oppressed, discriminated against or persecuted. At many times and places in history, it was persecuted Jews who gratefully got the help which such righteous persons could offer. We are happy that nowadays, Jews are no longer in such need. We are deeply grieved and ashamed that our country, which proclaims itself the State of the Jewish People, has made it necessary for a righteous person to come from afar and sacrifice her life in an effort to protect people who suffered under that state's armed might.


You have every reason to be proud of Rachel. We in Israel look to her for inspiration in the struggle against war crimes, occupation and apartheid committed by our government.

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