Expand Highway 90 to a Two Lane Road

Expand Highway 90 to a Two Lane Road

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פורסם בתאריך: 20/02/2020

A terrible tragedy happened on Wednesday, Shevat 3, January 29, 2020.

My beloved wife, on the way to join her beloved students, was in a severe car accident and was killed on the scene.

She left behind her beloved parents, eight beloved siblings, me (her husband), and our three young children who were her life. We are in unbearable pain.

Reut was driving her car on Route 90, the “Blood Road,” that has claimed the lives of more than 120 victims in the past ten years.

A routine drive to work ended in a fatal accident.

Over the years there have been hundreds of accidents (and near accidents) on this road that connects the north, south, and east of the country (from Metullah in the north to Taba crossing in the south, and covers the complete eastern span of the country).

Highway 90 is like a Blood Highway. Every month this road takes lives and it must stop!

Highway 90 is a major north-south connection in the State of Israel.

A road that connects the entire land of Israel, that connects the periphery to the center.

The road is dangerous and accidents happen there every day.

After every accident, the road is superficially fixed with additional warning signs, guardrails, and new pavement. These do not help to prevent further accidents.

There is an immediate solution for Highway 90.

Immediately expand the road into a two lane highway.

There has been talk, too much talk, and after all of this it is time to repair this road to become more fitting to our wonderful country. Here and now. We want to see construction vehicles at the intersections. Straighten the curved sections and widen the road. Every month that the road is not made more safe we lose more precious lives. This has been the case for the past ten years and will continue to happen if the situation does not immediately change. 

Only the Israeli government can do this. It’s in our hands to help impact this change.

It is our responsibility to demand changes and to take actions to help this happen stopping the carnage on this bloody road.

This dear country and land deserves safe roads that connect the north and the south. Highway 90 must become a two lane highway that does not kill people every week. Our land should not be left with more widows orphans, and mourning families.

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