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פורסם בתאריך: 22/12/2019
Hello my name is Nissim Melamed I would want to know if the Kiryat yam mayor and its city hall could help the kiryat yam community by building a brand new skatepark. The current skatepark we gave in the kiryat is now completely destroyed, filled with holes and graffiti in the ramps, the surface as well isnt safe to ride on. I and the skateboarding and scootering community wants to have a completely brand new park! And it should be built by Evergreen Skateparks to built both a street and park freestyle skatepark for the community of the Kiryat and we believe if you let this happen alot of the citizens would love to check this beautiful skatepark and enjoy riding there so we are looking forward to have you guys let this happen for 2020 and the future of Kiryat Yam. 
Sincerely Nissim and the Scooter, Skate, BMX, RollerBlade and All of its actions sport communities!

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