We call for a government-funded campaign against litter in Israel

We call for a government-funded campaign against litter in Israel

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פורסם בתאריך: 08/05/2019

The Minister of Environment and the Minister of Tourism.

The Knesset, Jerusalem.


"We call for a government-funded campaign against litter in Israel"


The litter problem

Trash is ugly, demoralizing, environmentally-damaging, harmful to health, and expensive to clean up.

Israel has more litter than most of the other economically advanced countries. We can see this for ourselves and we can hear the opinions of tourists from abroad. Statistics can be a distraction from our message because they can be complex and easy to manipulate. All high-income countries face the same problems of trash and plastic waste.  All countries are searching for ways to reduce the use of plastic, and trying to develop biodegradable alternatives.


Governmental responsibility

Littering is a personal act, but the government strongly influences the behaviour of its citizens. We believe that the government's actions have been inadequate until now.

1 Reducing the use of plastic: The Israeli government has already taken small steps but they are not enough. For example, the small charges on plastic bags in supermarkets. Other countries are starting to ban single-use plastic entirely. Israel should also be banning this.

2 Anti-litter laws: Our fines are very low by international standards and they are not enforced. This must change.

3 Public education: There is too little public education about the hazards of trash and plastic pollution. Education needs to be continuous to make an impact. In the UK for example, the Keep Britain Tidy campaign has been running since 1955. Israel needs a public education campaign to include: Schools, street posters, TV adverts and digital media. We will then be like other clean countries.


Benefits to Israel of reduced litter

Firstly, the cost of cleaning up will be reduced.  Secondly, there will be a consumer-led demand for bio-degradable packaging, plastic alternatives and other clean-tech. This will provide opportunities to Israeli startups, for products with global potential. Thirdly, tourism will be increased because tourists will no longer be offended by the trash.  Fourthly, Israel will be a clean and healthy country.


We request an anti-litter campaign

To include the 3 governmental responsibilities:

1 Reducing the use of plastic: More legislation.

2 Anti-litter laws: To be strengthened and enforced.

3 Public education: To provide a multi-faceted and continuing program.


"We the undersigned call for a government-funded campaign against litter in Israel"


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