Australia: Crimes against Humanity

Australia: Crimes against Humanity

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Attached is a petition that is fully-explained with evidence and references, against the approval of Pfizer's mRNA formula as a COVID19 vaccine. As explained, this approval of an experimental injection violates the Nuremberg Code, and thus is a crime against humanity.

Among the issues referred to:גןOmission of critical phases in the research (e.g. animal testing)גןIgnoring of side effects, illness and deaths, and lack or poor recording of vaccinated people's reportsגןManufacturers' Exemption from liabilityגןIgnoring the troubling results in animals, from preceding mRNA technology researchesגןIgnoring of information and statements brought by well-known experts, including the mRNA technology inventor; experts that have served in senior positions for Pfizer, Nobel prize winners, and more.

This petition will be used to address the ICC (International Criminal Court) by email, requesting they open an investigation on crimes against humanity performed by FDA.

=========iTO:[email protected] Information and Evidence UnitOffice of the ProsecutorPost Office Box 195192500 CM The HagueThe Netherlands =======l

Dear Sir/Madame,I would like to file an urgent complaint and request a formal investigation concerning crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated in Australia. 

We, the undersigned, are obtaining evidence that people are being forced to evacuate their homes for an indefinite period of time due to the suspicion of having COVID 19. Children are being forcibly separated from their parents and are being coerced, against their will, into receiving an experimental injection, thereby violating the Nuremberg Code. 

Attached please view a few examples of horrific films emanating from Australia. These are attached to serve as preliminary evidence, and to initiate an urgent investigation to prevent any crimes against humanity. 

Please note that Australian citizens are being silenced: they are not allowed to report on social media; Doctors are being threatened not to express their opinion, etc.  Therefore, we are reporting on their behalf. 

Thank you for your assistance. 

Kind regards, 

from the people who promised to forgive but never forget, identifying similar procedures prior to the rise of Nazism. Please help us save the lives of our families and friends in Australia.  


Attachments:1) Films: *Australian Doctor stating she is not allowed to express her thoughts*channel 9 person being taken from his residence

2) link to official site in Australia, threatening medical stuff not to express thoughts that differ from official orders:

3) an article since the beginning of the vaccinations in Australia: medical stuff talking against the lockdowns may lose their license

4) Petition - to be issued shortly

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